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June 2010

An Open Dialogue about THE NINES' Poll (Part 2)
Despite the controversy, Dave Travis says the Twitter poll has worked.
Video: The Strengths of a Small Church
A video replay of our recent webinar on small-church ministry.
The Friendliness Factor
We can over-estimate ourselves in this area.
An Open Dialogue about THE NINES' Poll
Dave Travis and Skye Jethani talk about good and bad ways to use their publishing platforms.
The Kerfuffle about "The Nines"
New social media tools are great, but they have downsides too.
In the Next 60 Seconds ...
Don't miss this opportunity to encourage a friend.
Thumbs Down for "The Nines"
A popularity contest reinforces what's wrong with the church rather than what's right.
The Vision of RoundTripMissions.com
Learn about this new source for short-term missions guidance.
The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church (Cont.)
Diversity is an issue in the suburbs, not just the city.
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