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August 2010

Discernment: Is There an App for That?
When ministry gets overwhelming, centering prayer reminds us that we are more than what we do.
Seven Ministry Mistakes
A former pastor reflects on what he wishes he'd done differently.
One Church, Many Congregations
How a group of pastors is reaching a region as Christ Together.
Mono-Ethnic Ministries and Multi-Ethnic Churches (Part 2)
Evangelize mono-ethnic groups, but plant multi-ethnic churches.
Ur Video: Dever & Wallis on Justice and the Gospel (Part 4)
What's the relationship between justice and justification?
Measuring Ministry by Listening to Children
To find out if a ministry is effective, ask those who are part of the ministry.
Mono-Ethnic Ministries and Multi-Ethnic Churches (Part 1)
A multi-ethnic church leader responds to the call for more homogeneous churches.
Why a Video-Venue Campus Didn't Work for Us (and What We Learned From It)
10 lessons for churches that plan to use video on multiple sites.
I Need to Cover My Mouth when I Preach
There's a difference between speaking about God and speaking for him.
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