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3 Signs that Volunteers are Losing Steam

Guard your workers against these traps.

Ah, the day has finally come. Your team of volunteers once sat before you fresh and eager, leaning forward to hear about your new outreach campaign. You launched into the vision, sketched diagrams on the whiteboard, spoke in word pictures, and sparked a fire of enthusiasm. Excitement spread throughout the congregation.

However, four months later at a team meeting, something has changed. The energy is gone. Fewer people show up. Several arrive late. They don't speak much. You hear complaints over trivial stuff. A few arguments break out.

What happened between the first meeting and this one?

The heart of a volunteer has an uncanny way of turning from passion to ambivalence. Let's look at how to treat three early symptoms before they have a chance to douse people's zeal.

1. Seeking Credit

Just listen to volunteers and staff and you will better understand their hearts. You'll know the spark is starting to dim if you hear "That was my idea" or "Why didn't you mention me when you thanked Janetta ...

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