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February 2009

3 Questions for Lynne Baab
How can churches be smarter with websites, brochures, and other visual media?
The First Privilege of Parenting
Like it or not, most kids follow mom or dad's lead on faith issues.
Shane Hipps on "Virtual Community"...Again
Connecting online has value, just not as much as we think.
Fess Up to Messing Up and Win a Free Book!
Send us your most humbling, and amusing, outreach stories.
Divine Agnosticism
Reverent silence as one antidote to Consumer Christianity.
Creative Connection
How I changed my picture of prayer
The Facebook Fast
Uber-blogger, Anne Jackson, says the web creates connection but not community.
A Window into Short-Term Missions
Use this new curriculum to prepare your short-term team.
The New Liturgy
A surprising trend takes the "worship wars" in an unexpected direction.
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