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Reading Scripture the Way Jesus Did—Aloud!

Actors Needed – To serve as Scripture readers for our morning worship services. Audition required. Please send acting resume to persons-name @ redeemer.com.

When this ad ran in the bulletin at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York, more than one worshiper wondered why the church wanted entertainers to read God's Word. Or why people had to audition.

Six years later, the jury's verdict is long in, and the comments are heavily affirming.

"When we read the Scripture well, people say, 'I look forward to hearing the teaching,'" reports Max McLean, who started the Scripture readers group in 2002 after composing the ad above.

Serious preparation

"Selection is 90 percent of the process," says Max, who does voice work for recordings and for radio. He took the auditions seriously, seeking people who demonstrated both strong skills and a healthy attitude. "I look for giftedness, character, and commitment. It's important that the reader has ...

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