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At the end of the day, this is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is a kingdom issue. —Efrem Smith

Summer 2008: Render Unto... Election Year Ministry

Volume 29

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New Life After the Shootings
On December 9, 2007, a gunman entered New Life Church in Colorado Springs and started shooting. Here's what happened that day and in the days since.
On the Verge
His understanding of the gospel led him to build a multi-ethnic megachurch. And now it's leading him to build smaller churches he calls "verges."
The Church & Politics Quiz
Where is the "wall of separation" exactly? Uncover the assumptions you carry into your ministry.
A City Upon "The Hill"
Maintaining church unity is challenging when politics is involved, but one pastor in Washington, D.C. is learning what it takes to reach across the aisle.
Does Your Preaching Touch Politics?
Does Your Preaching Touch Politics?
Four pastors on how, and if, politics should enter the pulpit.
Body Politic
Three leaders, three generations, debate whether political involvement is a duty or distraction for the church.
Diverse by Design
Establishing a multi-ethnic ministry takes patience, persistence, and prayer.
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