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Nothing Beats Bible Reflection

Willow Creek's REVEAL study shows the importance of Scripture for growth.

The Willow Creek Association recently published a second book based on its REVEAL research, Follow Me by Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson (WCA, 2008). The following excerpt is reprinted with permission.

In our earliest research, we saw that personal spiritual practices had extraordinary power to advance spiritual growth, having arguably more influence on spiritual movement than anything else, including church activities. This inspired us to explore these practices more deeply. Everywhere we turned the data revealed the same truth: "I reflect on the meaning of Scripture in my life," is the practice that is most predictive of growth. Spending time in Bible reflection is hands down the highest impact personal spiritual practice.

There's great significance in the word reflection. It implies a contemplative process, one of thoughtful and careful deliberation. This is not about skimming through a Bible passage or devotional. It is thoughtful, personal meditation that catalyzes spiritual growth. ...

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