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13 ways to refresh your soul.

How does a pastor's soul find rejuvenation? That is the question Leadership asked dozens of church leaders, and beyond the valuable, but expected, answer of "read the Bible and pray," many of the answers were insightful and unexpected. Here are 13 things various pastors have done to benefit the soul.

1. Take a walk.

Even a casual reading of the New Testament reveals that Jesus and his disciples did a lot of walking. Of course, for them it was the primary form of transportation, not necessarily a spiritual discipline. Still, regularly taking a long walk can quiet your soul and help you draw near to God. Many pastors report using walks to internalize their sermons and prepare their souls to preach.

2. Pray the daily offices.

In the early centuries, Christians gathered at designated times during the day for prayer. These prayer times, known as "offices," are still practiced by believers today. With the aid of a prayer book, you can pray alone knowing that others across the globe are sharing ...

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