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The Small-Group Leader as Spiritual Guide

A step-by-step approach to guiding your group toward spiritual maturity
The Small-Group Leader as Spiritual Guide
Image: Kate Kalvach / Unsplash

Editor's note: this article is excerpted from the Building Church Leaders downloadSoul Care.

Perhaps the most exciting and intimidating role a small-group leader may play in the lives of small-group participants is that of "spiritual guide." The excitement lies in being midwife to another's insight and mentor to another's mission. The intimidation lies in the sheer terror that someone might actually listen to you, follow your advice, and stake their future on your perceptions. There is a fine line between authenticity and ego. Any sensible Christian will fear to cross it. Any faithful Christian must take the risk.

In my experience, there are three ways small-group leaders can be trained to be spiritual guides:


First, small-group leaders embed the core values, bedrock beliefs, biblical vision, and key mission that together form the DNA of the spiritual organism of which the small group is one cellular unit. "Embedding" means that the spiritual guide uses ...

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