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March 2007

Goodbye Religion, Hello Spirituality
Is there a place for the Christian "religion" in the 21st Century?
No Transformation Necessary
Why do churches have such low expectations?
Finding Fresh Ways to Tell the Easter Story
Finding Fresh Ways to Tell the Easter Story
A powerful metaphor to help with that annual challenge.
Contemporizing the Moment
I love the idea of making a Bible story accessible to kids, helping them to see themselves in the characters.
Redefining Character
It's more than what we do when no one is looking.
Leader's Insight: 2008 More Questions
Leadership Weekly readers take up Gordon MacDonald's election year challenge.
The Future of the Emerging Church
Are we experiencing the next Reformation of Christianity?
Where Have All the Prophets Gone?
Restoring the prophetic ministry of the local church.
Leader's Insight: No Simple Church Solutions
Why I'm not jumping on the new bandwagon.
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