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July 2007

Wonderfully Made
Jesus used a small-group strategy to shape a generation of leaders.
Wisdom Of Waiting
Waiting seems to be about 95 percent of life.
Winning Through Weakness
In the Bible, the apostle Paul, perhaps the greatest missionary of the church, shows his humanness, which makes his words even more powerful.
Where Integrity Begins
People fit to worship God practice integrity in their speech, in their relationships with neighbors, in their business dealings, and in their financial transactions.
Where Credit Is Due
Few successes at work are achieved without a team.
When Life Gets Too Hard
Psalm 46 affirms the sufficiency of God’s mighty presence when life gets too big for us to handle.
Weighing Options
Few decisions in life are clear-cut.
Waiting For God
In our spiritual life, sometimes there are no solutions we can provide.
Ultimate Worth
Only in Christ do we find true worth.
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