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February 2007

Crowded Loneliness & Quiet Contemplation
Our fractured lifestyles pose new challenges for small group ministries.
Leader's Insight: Don't Quit
How a letter from humble pastor to beleaguered friend changed the world.
Sayonara, Senior Pastor (Part 2)
Is ministry more missional without a senior pastor?
Leader's Insight: Making Good Friday Better
How an abandoned worship practice helped our church recapture the imagination.
A Woman of Influence
Why Elisa Morgan, CEO of MOPS International, is passionate about helping women see themselves as more than their roles.
Caring for the Inner Pastor
What practices keep your soul fueled for ministry?
Leader's Insight: What Disillusioned 20-Somethings Want
This young, former church staffer is tired of church as we know it.
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