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A podcast is no substitute for church— but it's a great supplement.

How many people last month visited National Community Church?


I couldn't see them. I didn't shake any of their hands. Truth be told, they didn't really visit us. National Community Church visited them.

They didn't physically attend one of our weekend services. Many of them aren't ready to walk into a church yet. Others live halfway around the globe. But all of them invited NCC into their iPods. They gave us a fraction of their storage space. In a sense, they invited me to go jogging with them; commute to work with them; hang out with them.

How? These 12,771 people clicked into our www.theaterchurch.com podcast.

Spiritual multitasking

About a year ago I started experimenting with spiritual disciplines.

I regularly work out at a gym on Capitol Hill, and I found some of the music offensive. Instead of allowing myself to be a captive audience to whatever station the gym tuned into, I got proactive. I purchased an iPod and started downloading music and messages. I started ...

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