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Put an End to Trading Season

What it takes to make your ministry a true contender.

Craig Tiley became the interim coach of the University of Illinois men's tennis team in 1993. During the off-season he developed a detailed, long-term plan that included winning a conference title within three years, competing at a national level within five, and winning the NCAA championship and producing "impact pros" within a decade. In 2003, Tiley's team won its first national title. Tiley won the trust and patience of his supervisors because he had a clear plan and understood the steps and time necessary to make Illinois a contender.

Tiley's accomplishment shows that good work is hard work. And it takes time.

I'm reminded of that here, at the changing of seasons—from baseball to football, that is. Every year, in every sport, the end of the season signals a wave of coaching dismissals. In professional and big-time college sports, many coaches and managers are fired after only one or two years on the job. Patience is a virtue, but apparently one in short supply in the big leagues ...

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