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Jesus and the Level 5 Leader

Five Questions for Good to Great author Jim Collins

Like business executives and strategists, pastors and church leaders everywhere are reading Good to Great, Jim Collins's bestselling account of eleven dramatic business turnarounds and the CEOs who engineered them. Collins, a former professor at Stanford Business School and founder of his own management research laboratory, had already become well-known in management circles for his first book, Built to Last (HarperCollins, 1994). But with Good to Great (HarperCollins, 2001), he became an even more established name in the Christian business world—quite an accomplishment given that Collins has no affiliation with Christianity.

Many of his findings resonated with the Christian audience, however, particularly the concept of Level 5 Leadership.

Collins and his research team discovered that leaders who took their companies from good to great were not larger-than-lif e figures that typify today's celebrity CEO culture, but instead were characterized by a unique blend of humility and resolve. ...

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