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Healthy Numbers

As I write, the National Weather Service has downgraded a hurricane to a tropical storm as winds dropped from 100 to 50 m.p.h. For people in the storm, the difference in those numbers matters tremendously.

While they don't tell the whole story, numbers help us understand the reality behind them. Doctors today measure much more than pulse rates and blood pressure. Church leaders should count more than the usual budgets and attendance.

Here are some overlooked measurements to benchmark the progress of your ministry from month to month, year to year.

Use these numbers to start strategic conversations with church leaders. Don't kick yourself if you aren't on target. In fact, don't worry about the weaknesses at first. Instead, build on your strengths. Research shows that the best return on investment occurs when people get better at what they are already good at. Progress in these areas will give you the energy you need to tackle tougher goals in the future.


  1. # of pre-Christians in worship services.
    Target: 15% of attendees
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