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Confronting controversy with character and grace.

Spring 1998: Conflict

Volume 19

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In this Issue
Am I working too hard?
My Worst and Best Sermons Ever
Character Forged from Conflict
Shielding your Heart from Strife
5 ways to limit conflict's impact on you.
North American Guide to Church Dragons
How to identify and approach two dangerous species.
The Day Rev. Henderson Bumped His Head
The Day Rev. Henderson Bumped His Head
A parable of church life. Honestly.
6 Rules for a Fair Fight
Making Changes without Getting People Steamed
How to do what's needed, yet keep the pressure low.
Resisting the Urge to Hit Back
When revenge tempts you, here's how to forgive completely.
Workin' 5 to 9
For Heaven's Sake
Where Were You?
Heart & Soul
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