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Radical Ministry in Raw Surroundings (Part 1)

It has no steeple, no pews, not even a parking lot. But this church has a destination. The Homeless Church Bus (left, as it is dedicated) wheels the gospel to the homeless of China Basin, a warehouse area just south of downtown San Francisco along the waterfront.

In 1994, April and Evan Prosser elected not only to minister to the homeless but to live on the move among them. They renovated a bus donated by City View Church (Assemblies of God) and began delivering worship and hope to the homeless of China Basin (right). After Sunday worship at 3 p.m., April fixes dinner for everyone. Monday through Saturday, the Prossers lead Bible studies at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Even in the bleak, industrial conditions of China Basin, the work of a pastor makes a difference.

Gospel itinerants For twenty months, the Homeless Church Bus functioned as both parsonage and worship center. Since the acquisition of a second bus, April and Evan (left) now live in one and minister in the other. To avoid ordinance violations, ...

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