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Five questions to ask before speaking in a secular situation.

When the opportunity arises to speak in a secular setting-praying before the Rotarians or speaking out in front of the school board-most pastors feel a bind.

Yes, we want to be witnesses, to take Christianity and its world-view out among the people. But, no, we don't want to be used by those who have no idea of what Christianity is about; nor do we want to so dilute our time with peripheral matters that we neglect the heart of our pastoral responsibilities.

Here is a series of questions that can help us decide which invitations to accept.

Will this advance the Cause?

A pastor's primary focus is to advance the cause of Christ. Consequently, a speaking opportunity that doesn't do that should probably be declined.

When I worked with Jerry Falwell, I often had opportunities to work with the media-network news, Time magazine, the "Phil Donahue Show," radio talk shows-as a spokesperson representing a religious and political movement.

God used the wise words of a friend, however, to make me evaluate ...

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