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In his article "In Search of the Effective Church" (Fall 1990 LEADERSHIP), Jim Abrahamson identifies four types of churches, their strengths, and some "lingering questions" about each. We asked leaders from the churches mentioned to respond to these questions.

The Reaching-Out (Market-Driven) Church

Jim Abrahamson noted two major concerns about the ministry of Willow Creek Community Church. His comments were perceptive and similar in content and tone to discussions that might take place at a WCCC staff meeting or an elders' planning retreat.

Concern: That clearly defined goals, tight organizational structure, and strong, high-energy leadership might foster conformity rather than individual authenticity, and might create the impression that people who aren't goal-oriented, Type-A personalities are second-class Christians.

Response: The mission of WCCC is to help unchurched people become sincere worshipers of the true God, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, and faithful servants in his kingdom. ...

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