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The Minister as Maestro

The pastor is more conductor of an orchestra than CEO of a business.

Lately I've noticed in Christian leadership material an increasing emphasis on the pastor as chief executive officer, similar to the head of a corporation. I see a danger in this model.

One pastor recently wrote me, "Would Jesus be a CEO?"

I wonder. The church is not a business corporation and should not be managed as one. Most corporations are for profit; churches are not. The corporation manufactures and distributes products; the healthy church deals in relationships. Since the central aims of the corporation and the church are not the same, pastors taking on the role of CEO can develop a metallic, mechanical quality in their ministry. An effective executive with integrity can lead a religious organization but not necessarily pastor a church.

Any time pastors become too oriented to figures, they are failing to recognize that the Scriptures do not express Christian maturity and effectiveness in figures. Figures are the language of business, though not always the subject. Figures ...

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