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Summer 1984: Roles & Expectations

Volume 5

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In this Issue
Pleasing God & Pleasing People
A Pasadena pastor talks about parallel loyalties -- and what he does when they collide.
Getting the Real Story: A Guide to Candidating
Eighteen questions to ask before you say yes
The Danger of Aiming Too High
What happens to pastors who push themselves harder than God asks.
The Tightrope: A Case Study in Church Discipline
A true account of confronting adultery.
Confessions of a Small-Group Leader
A lay leader tells what he'll do differently last time.
Protecting the Church Treasurer
How to Beat the Youth Ministry Blues
An antidepressant for times when teens skip out, dollars run short, and buses break down.
They Like Me, They Like Me Not
How to respond to hidden agendas and private opinions
The Sound of Clashing Expectations
Of course the pastor will do ______. Filling that blank often leads to wars and rumors of wars.
The Ministry of Small Talk
Renewal that Lasts
How God's church- -- once awakened -- can keep from dozing off again.
Seminary & Congregation: A Lovers' Quarrel?
With responses from two seminary presidents (George Brushaber, David McKenna) and two pastors (Martin Copenhaver, William Willimon).
Worship's Mysterious Inner Urge: Two Views
Making or Breaking the Pastoral Image
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