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What Are You Doing About Singles In Your Church?

David McCasland was talked into leading a singles ministry, which turned out very different from what he expected.

There are many effective ways to do a singles ministry in a church. Too often, however, this ministry sputters, not because of the methods used, but because of a segregationist attitude the church carries toward the singles. David McCasland maintains singles must be seen as an integral part of the total church ministry instead of an isolated appendage.

Three years ago, the minister of Christian a E education in our church came to me, all smiles and enthusiasm, and said, "Listen, we have a group of single adults, ages thirty to fifty, who just completed our divorce recovery workshop. They want to start their own Sunday school class. A lot of these folks are non-Christians or new Christians, right on the hurting edge of a marital break-up, and this would be a great outreach opportunity for our church. Will you teach the class?"

It was the easiest decision of my life. I said no. I was already teaching an adult class of senior citizens who were the greatest people in the world. They loved my ...

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