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Dissecting Sense from Nonsense

Insights from a layman.

Fred Smith cannot be easily described. He is a businessman, consultant, great public speaker, active Christian. He possesses not only the fastest but the most fitting quip for any occasion. His humor is always sneaking up on you from the most unlikely angles. But Fred's is never surface humor-it's lightning-crisp communication which will catch the unaware. Fred answers questions with stories and elliptical insights that blow open preconceived ideas.

Even meetings become interesting when Fred is in them. He has an unusual ability to pinpoint the real issue with a barb of humor or a sentence which cuts through the undergrowth. Yet he's also capable of transfixing an audience and touching nerve endings in a thoroughly serious way.

When Fred was 40 years old he turned down the presidency of a national corporation so he could divide his attention among business, education, religion, and lecturing. He has served on more than 20 boards and trusteeships, holds an honorary doctor of. laws degree, ...

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