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by James McGregor Burns

Harper & Row, pb $7.95, hb $17.50


Servant Leadership

by Robert K. Greenleaf

Paulist Press, $10.95

Reviewed by Vernon C. Grounds

As America enters the 80s, what it needs most is-new sources of energy? A cooling off of its inflationary economy? Weaponny that will put it far ahead of the USSR in the arms race? No! According to Time (Aug. 6, 1979), America's greatest need today is leadership. Essayist Lance Morrow discusses this need in a cover story on "The Cry for Leadership." He recalls that five years ago Time in a similar article had said, "In the U.S. and around the world, there is a sense of diminished vision, of global problems that are overwhelming the capacity of leaders." A halfdecade later our problems have so multiplied in number, swollen in size, and increased in complexity that the cry for leadership may easily change into a frantic clamor for a strong man on horseback, a dictator who, like Hitler, will give unambiguous direction to a directionless ...

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