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How to Create an Employment Agreement

A youth pastor agreement as a model.

The local church in seeking to fill a staff position has a myriad of details and decisions to ponder before the calling of the right candidate is concluded. Once the selection has been made, however, the specific details of the "call" or the employment agreement are often hurried over and mishandled.

For example, an employment agreement between a church and a youth pastor takes careful thought. Many times the committee members extending the call are rookies at the task, and would welcome any help or suggestions. With careful thought, an employment agreement can communicate to both the church and the youth pastor a framework of understanding. Hopefully, this will help extend the youth pastor's ministry past the 18-month average stint (or is it now eight months?).

The agreement has two categories: Basic Benefits and Optional Benefits. Some churches will want to expand the list while others might delete some options. Additional benefits can always be added in future years as the youth pastor ...

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