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Problem Solving

A danger in any "problem-solving" column is pat answers. Because of that, we hesitated to develop such a column. Yet often an "outsider" to a problem can cut through the fog with brief objectivity and fresh ideas.

So, for the next few issues we've decided to reserve this space to look at specific problems sent to us by you, the reader. (Questions should be addressed to Leadership Problems, 465 (Gundersen Drive, Carol Stream, IL 60187. All inquiries will be kept confidential.) '

Ted Engstrom, William Enright, Ezra Earl Jones, and Haddon Robinson discussed the following letter. The response is based on their observations.


I am very concerned that LEADERSHIP speak to smaller churches We have few financial resources or professional personnel to provide us with the help we need.

Just last Tuesday my board said I was wasting too much time doing non-pastoral things and not doing the essentials-primarily membership visitation. I know that in larger churches the pastor doesn't have to worry about ...

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