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We haven't decided yet whether or not we'll have a regular letters section-but we couldn't resist showing you at least a page of the response to our first issue. By actual count, the mail ran more than fifty to one highly favorable. We figured you wouldn't mind, therefore, if we ran just the following selected kudos:

"It's nice to know we're not alone. LEADERSHIP not only described our ministry situation, but gave us workable solutions from those with more experience."

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Doerr | St. Paul, Minnesota

"I rarely read a magazine from cover to cover. However, I was so encouraged, helped, and stimulated by LEADERSHIP that I had to send you a word of sincere thanks."

David D. Allen, Jr. | Richardson, Texas

"We have ordered subscriptions for all four of our staff members. That decision communicates my reaction to your quarterly."

Bruce Bell | Wichita, Kansas

"The cartoons are superb. I can conceive of ...

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