Church Leadership

Church Leadership
Why We Need To Be Careful About Adopting Business Models In Our Churches
When we think we need to go to a business model for church renewal, aren’t we implying that biblical principles can’t stand on their own?

It’s becoming very popular to teach church growth and leadership principles using ideas from successful businesses.

Some of the titles of books and articles I’ve seen lately include, What The Church Can Learn From...

  • Harley Davidson
  • Marvel Movies
  • Japanese Management
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Church Leadership
Between Doing And Delegating – The Essential Step To Overcome Pastoral Burnout
You can’t do everything yourself. And you can’t delegate tasks to people who haven’t been discipled. They have to be equipped first.

When it comes to leading people, many pastors fall into one of two opposite traps.

Doing everything themselves, or delegating tasks to people who don’t do them well.

Many pastors swing wildly between the two.

Here’s why.

What Causes Pastoral Burnout?

We see something ...

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Church Leadership
6 Important Differences Between Performance Music And Worship Music
In performance, the focus is on the musicians. In worship, the focus is on Jesus.

Music has always been a point of contention in the church.

Hundreds of years ago church members argued over singing in harmony instead of unison (bye-bye, Gregorian chants!), then we argued over whether-or-not to use instruments, then over what instruments are appropriate for ...

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Church Leadership
The #1 Productivity Killer In Your Life – And Why It Will Always Win
Instead of worrying that the urgency of life will ruin our productivity, we need to be careful not to let the urgency of productivity ruin our life.

There’s been a lot written about productivity lately.

And I’m grateful for it.

Whenever I can, I want to minimize distractions, get right to the task at hand and arrive at the end of the day feeling like I did what I set out to do – maybe even more. If an efficiency ...

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Church Leadership
The Most Successful Pastor You’ve Never Heard Of
No matter what you think success in ministry looks like, this pastor is the real deal.

There are some pastors whose names are known by thousands, even millions of people.

They have the type of ministry in which their successes are obvious.

But that’s not the case with most pastors.

The typical pastor does ministry without much notice or name recognition.

Today ...

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Church Leadership
Put People First: Why Many Small Church Pastors Can Spend Less Time On Sermon Prep
The smaller the church, the more discipleship is caught through relationships than it's taught through preaching.

As pastors, we typically spend our time in three overlapping areas of ministry: communication, administration and relationships.

But our time is always limited, so on those weeks when time gets tighter, which of the three should we spend extra time on, and which of the three ...

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Church Leadership
Effective Small Church Metrics: Why Average Results Aren’t Typical Results
Statistics, surveys and comparative metrics are not as helpful in assessing small church health as they are in assessing big church health.

One of the challenges of pastoring in a small church is that there’s nothing typical (or normal) about anything we do.

Our schedule, our skill-set, our facilities (or lack of), our staff (or lack of), our salary (or… you get the idea…). None of it is typical. ...

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Church Leadership
Breaking Church Growth Barriers Will Not Keep You From Crashing
A plea to my fellow pastors: The body of Christ wants you healthy and whole more than we need you to perform numerically.

There’s something very sad and scary about the way too many pastors are leaving the ministry lately.

It’s never been unusual to hear about pastors dropping out of full-time ministry when the demands of the calling are different from their expectations. Especially ...

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Church Leadership
In Defense Of Longer (And Better) Sermons
How long should a sermon be? As long as it needs to be.

People don’t hate long sermons.

They hate boring sermons. Irrelevant sermons. Impractical sermons. Uninspiring sermons. Unprepared sermons. Over-prepared sermons… You get the idea.

A bad sermon can’t be short enough, but an engaging sermon can go longer than ...

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Church Leadership
Jethro, Moses And The Hands-On Pastor
In a smaller church, we can’t equip others to do hands-on ministry unless we’re hands-on ourselves.

If you want a church to grow, you need to become less of a hands-on pastor.

That’s what I’m constantly told. But it’s not entirely true. At least not for most congregations of a typical size.

The go-to Bible passage most church leaders use for this idea is the ...

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