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What Wrestling Taught an Olympic Gold Medalist About God
On the eve of heading to the Paris Olympics, wrestler Kyle Snyder talks about how faith helped him loosen up and love his teammates.
‘This Is the Day’ for Filipinos to Develop Their Own Worship Music
In a country known for loving Western praise music—Hillsong’s second-biggest market—a grassroots movement is singing new tunes.
Canadian Christian Colleges Hit Hard by New Immigration Restrictions
International undergraduates were part of many schools’ plans for sustainability. A new government rule changes that.
Lupakan Karisma. Carilah yang Lemah dan Lambat.
Pete Scazzero membahas bagaimana para pendeta dapat mengidentifikasi dan melatih pemimpin yang sehat.
Jika Bersusah Hati, Carilah Penghiburan Tuhan. Jika Gelisah, Carilah Ketuhanan-Nya.
Penciptaan yang Allah lakukan sudah selesai, dosa kita membuahkan hasil, dan seorang gadis kecil penderita kanker mempunyai sebuah pertanyaan besar.
Denominação presbiteriana dos EUA debate sobre pastores gays celibatários
Por ter pessoas vindas de outras denominações presbiterianas, a Igreja Presbiteriana Evangélica (EPC) sente tensão para chegar a um acordo.
Historic First Baptist Dallas Sanctuary Burns in Four-Alarm Fire
The 134-year-old landmark, now a nearby secondary meeting space for the church, went up in flames in downtown Dallas.
A paternidade não está morta
Dizer isso é um flagrante exagero. Há muitos pais bons e fiéis, como o meu, abençoando silenciosamente seus filhos.
Ізраїльські араби-християни залишаються й несуть служіння під час війни в Газі, яка зачепила також і Галілею
Десятки тисяч людей переселяються від північного кордону з Ліваном, а віруючі намагаються збалансувати свою палестинську та ізраїльську ідентичність, прагнучи миру з усіма.
Израильские арабы-христиане остаются и несут служение во время войны в Газе, которая затронула также Галилею
Десятки тысяч людей переселяются от северной границы с Ливаном, а верующие пытаются сбалансировать свою палестинскую и израильскую идентичность, стремясь к миру со всеми.
In Pennsylvania, Locals Remember Corey Comperatore’s ‘Greater Love’
Communities surrounding Trump’s rally site feel the shock of the tragic shooting.
Résoudre le problème des abus spirituels dans l’Église est simple — en théorie
Les propositions de Michael Kruger ne sont pas spécialement révolutionnaires, mais elles nous invitent à la vigilance et à quelques efforts.
Is God Calling Me to Obscurity or Influence?
I want to write to build up the body of Christ, but platform building takes time away from my local congregation.
Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
After 60 years of division, leaders hope that coming together will strengthen the church's witness.
Your Party Will Not Win This Election
And that’s a good thing—because how we think about victory is not only delusional but damaging.
The Bulletin Episode 93|51min
Chaos Menu
RNC recap, Dr. Ruth and Richard Simmons die, and Christian higher ed’s survival.
« Prêt à ouvrir tes portes… et tes toilettes ? »
Les évangéliques français travaillent ensemble pour témoigner de Jésus aux Jeux olympiques de 2024.
Le doute est une échelle à gravir, pas un lieu d'habitation
Les églises devraient accueillir les questions. Cela ne signifie pas qu’il faille vivre dans le doute perpétuel.
Evangelicals Agree That Biden Should Drop Out
Poll: Black Protestants are among the only groups who remain confident in the president’s mental capacities.
Put Away Your Swords
Jesus used his final moments with his disciples before the crucifixion to heal his opponent’s ear—and model the way of love.

Top Story July 22, 2024

Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
Pakistan’s Presbyterians Have United. Reconciling Will Take Time.
After 60 years of division, leaders hope that coming together will strengthen the church's witness.

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