Music: Best-Of Lists

Favorite Worship Albums of 2006
Our annual list of twelve finds a welcome return from several of the most influential and important songwriters in the history of contemporary worship music.
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2007
2007 Readers' Choice Christian Music Awards
Skillet, Jeremy, Skillet, Rebecca, and more Skillet … plus your picks for Best Album and Best New Artist
Best Artists of 2006
Best New Artists of 2006
New talent quickly comes and goes in the music business, but here are twelve new Christian artists that we hope to see continue for years to come.
Best New Artists of 2007
Twelve newcomers whose debut albums left a lasting impression on us, and who we'll look forward to hearing for years to come.
2006 Readers' Choice Christian Music Awards
Skillet, Apologetix fans lift their faves to the top; Camp, St. James repeat; Leeland jumps into the mix.
Favorite Worship Albums of 2007
Our annual list of picks from the last twelve months is heavily devoted to the growth and creativity among alternative worship styles in drawing believers to praise and reflection.
Best New Artists of 2005
The Best Christian Children's Albums of 2005
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2005
2005 Readers' Choice Christian Music Awards
Camp, St. James repeat at the top, while Skillet, Apologetix, and The Afters jump into the mix
Favorite Worship Albums of 2005
New renditions of old hymns and worship standards win out in this year's list of top picks in the worship music genre

Top Story February 25, 2024

Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home
Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home
Churches should welcome questions. That doesn’t require embracing perpetual doubt.

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