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Are Brazil’s Catholic Street Festivals Idolatry or Harmless Fun? Evangelicals Weigh In
Second only to Carnival, festivals for St. Anthony, St. John, and St. Peter pack the June calendar. Pastors debate if the Festas Juninas are folk celebrations or idol worship.
A New Blueprint for Chinese Churches: Beyond the Four Walls
In a rapidly urbanizing China, some houses of worship are taking inspiration from the Bible while rethinking local architectural tradition.
Presidential Debates Can’t Help Us Face the Future
Character matters more than talking points in choosing a leader. And it’s hard to know what questions to ask about it.
Rites of Passage Can Help Boys Become Men
Jesus’ initiation in Jerusalem can guide American churches in raising Christian men.
CRC Tells LGBTQ-Affirming Congregations to Retract and Repent
Congregations that don’t comply with its traditional stance have a year to enter a process of discipline and restoration.
Mexican Female Leaders Are Breaking Through Politically. Are Evangelical Women Too?
Four leaders weigh in on whether a woman president will change gender dynamics in the church.
Scarcity’s Strange Gifts
Church attendance is down. Giving is iffy. Ministers are tired. But God is with us in lean times too.
Why Israel’s Most Pious Jews Refuse Military Service
Messianic Jewish leader explains how Christians can best engage the ultra-Orthodox Haredim, who tremble at God’s word as they avoid the war in Gaza.
Arab Israeli Christians Stay and Serve as Gaza War Riles Galilee
With tens of thousands displaced from the northern border with Lebanon, believers balance their Palestinian and Israeli identities in pursuit of peace with all.
Two Cheers for the Wedding Industrial Complex
For all their faults, our marriage rituals present family and promise-keeping as beautiful, desirable, and worth the effort.
When My Sermon Riled Our City
Preaching on sex and gender led to local uproar and national headlines. Here are seven things I learned.
‘Going for the Jugular’ Does Not Wash Away Sin
Why the life and death of disgraced culture warrior Paul Pressler should serve as a warning to all of us.
What If the Christian Sexual Ethic Becomes a Feature, Not a Bug?
Evangelicals tend to assume our sexual ethic is deeply unpopular. But the wind may be shifting as thought leaders increasingly declare Christianity a cultural asset.
Pakistani Christian Praised for Documenting Blasphemy Victims. Most Are Muslims.
Catholic advocate awarded by US State Department explains why Christians are disproportionately targeted while the Islamic majority predominantly accuses its own.
Robert Morris Resigns from Gateway Following Past Abuse Allegations
While the Texas megachurch said it “did not have all the facts” about Morris’s earlier misconduct, the woman who spoke out said she had informed its leaders years ago.
Sunday Best in India: Christian Women Weigh What to Wear to Church
From embracing Western styles to preserving cultural heritage, how female leaders in six states navigate competing perspectives on appropriate attire.
Died: Disgraced Southern Baptist Leader Paul Pressler
The Texas judge behind the political strategy for the “conservative resurgence” molested and assaulted teenage boys, according to allegations eight men made in court.
Sunday Silence: Gateway Church Doesn’t Tell Congregation About Historic Abuse Allegations
According to the Texas megachurch, founder Robert Morris properly disclosed his misconduct and has had “no other moral failures” since he touched a child in the 1980s.
Bavinck Warned that Without Christianity, Racism and Nationalism Thrive
The Dutch theologian argued the biblical worldview is fundamentally incompatible with ethnocentrism.
Faithful Fathers
Reports of the death of fatherhood have been greatly exaggerated. There are many good dads, like mine, quietly blessing their children.

Top Story July 24, 2024

Praising God Is an Act of Political Defiance
Praising God Is an Act of Political Defiance
The Book of Psalms reminds us that worship demands our unequivocal devotion and allegiance.

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