News Quiz

Christmas Quiz
Who gets the credit for chocolate calendars, Christmas trees, and picking December 25?
News Quiz: Christmas Specials
Black Friday promotions at Planned Parenthood and the Creation Museum.
Before Turkey and Football
Whether CCM was behind the Pilgrims' exodus, what the Mayflower Compact campaigned on, and more questions to test your knowledge of Thanksgiving.
Fire and Dating
Name that nonprofit, Mike Huckabee's biblical blunder, and stem-cells make an organ.
For Better or For Worse with Prop. 8
Also: What rebels for Christ take to interviews, something disappears in Russia, and more.
Who's Obama Praying With?
Also: Without Walls hits barrier, Billy Graham turns 90, and Dawkins leaves Oxford.
Election News Quiz: We Know You're Sick of It
But have you really been paying attention? Find out if you really know the latest religious turns in the 2008 campaign.
Humanists Hop on the Propaganda Bus
Also: Questions on psalm graffiti, journalists' religiosity, converts to Orthodoxy, and more.
Also: Buddhist angst in South Korea, Baylor's reward, and more.
Green Bible, Read Bible
Also: Inflammatory Religulous up against Fireproof, Marriage on the ballot, and more questions from this week's news.
Americans' Angels
Also: Anglicans apologize for what?, Guess who's coming to dinner?, and other questions.
Riot Déjà Vu
Christian homes burning in eastern India ... again. Also: Do men with jobs reduce abortion? How do you prove "nuns are — above all — women"?
Love and Cohabitation
Questions on American couples, why Messianic Jewish prisoners aren't served kosher, and more.
Chariots of Fire and the Smoking Church
Where is the oldest copy of the Bible? Who is Leah Daughtry? And other questions from this week's headlines.
G.I. Joe and Tony Snow
Questions on Todd Bentley's miracle-working exclamation, Anglican idolatry according to Gene Robinson, and more.
The Magic Bible Verse
Also: Restrictions at the Christian Woodstock, why some Jamaicans don't welcome a creole translation of the Bible, and more.
Monster's Life Verse
What's different about evangelicals? How does Mugabe explain himself? And other questions from this week's Christian news.
Eastern African Christianity
What country in the region has the most missionaries? Which leader doesn't say he's a Christian? And other questions about Eastern Africa.
News of the Week Quiz
Are atheists smarter? How do white evangelicals vote? And other questions from this week's religion news.
Name That College Virginity Club
Also: What Tony Blair wants to do with his life, the final straw for Obama, and Iraqi Christians react to death penalty.

Top Story July 15, 2024

Trump’s Would-Be Assassin and the Twisted Quest for Human Glory
Trump’s Would-Be Assassin and the Twisted Quest for Human Glory
Political violence offers a false sense of meaning. The church must model a different kind of glory.

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