News Quiz

Commencement Speaker Mayday
Also: What not to preach when renting and why Americans leave church.
A Bearded Lady
What names did a pastor use on a singles' site? Why did Saddleback recently apologize? How much do you know about this week's news?
But God Wants Me Wrinkle-Free!
What is a New York City pastor accused of stealing church funds for? How much did the Obamas give to faith-based groups? How much do you think you know about this week's news?
Holy Week Edition
Christian atheists, Saddleback's busy Easter, and more.
Many Americans Still Think Obama Is a Muslim
Do you know how many think so? Test your knowledge of the week's religion news.
What the Pope Left Behind
Robert Schuller's doppelganger, Christian-run businesses you may not know, and more.
An Urgent Message
What new prophecy is creating buzz, who's praying with President Obama, and other questions from this week's news.
Here's an Idea
Time magazine writes about a new idea in religion, The Christian Science Monitor gives a dire prediction, and other questions from this week's news.
Justice vs. Peace in Sudan
Also: Psychologists explain why people go to church and the newest Christian Kosher food.
Heroes: Not the TV Show
How much do you know about Milk, ashes, and more from this week's news?
Which Came First: the Human Rights, or the Fertilized Egg?
An encyclopedic feud, sexing the seven deadly sins, and more.
Will You Boycott My Valentine?
How did one senator respond to receiving a free pornographic magazine? What are Obama's faith-based priorities? And other questions from this week's news.
Pastoral Scene
Also: A tough week for the Vatican, talking about mercy, and Proposition 8's big spenders.
Faith-Filled Super Bowl?
Which ad was rejected by NBC? What did President Obama drop from the stimulus bill? And other questions from this week's news.
Praying for the New President
How closely were you paying attention during Inauguration Week?
What Washington Swore By
Do pastors die young? Who would Jesus smack down, anyway? And who's avoiding a too-Christian prayer?
Would You Like a Devotional Twitter with That?
What hot item is Saddleback Church handing out? And speaking of hot, what new churches are booming in Texas?
Disney Dares to Dump
What happens when a teenager makes a premarital abstinence pledge, Obama's pew habits, and other questions from this week's news.
News Quiz: Inaugural Ire
Why are people so mad at Obama? The United Nations decides about defamation, and scientists follow the star.
When Baby Jesus Went Missing
How did officers find him? And what words were axed from a dictionary?

Top Story April 17, 2024

The Civil War That Sudan’s Displaced Christians Want You to See
Forgotten War: Sudan’s Displaced Christians Brace for ‘World’s Worst’ Hunger Crisis
Interview with leader of new evangelical alliance describes his escape from Khartoum and the pressure to pick a side.

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