Reconcilable Differences
Fifteen years after genocide, Rwanda is showing signs of healing.
More Aid Groups at Risk in Sudan
President al-Bashir issues public call to 'Sudanize' relief work.
Violence Smothers Jos in Smoke
Peace eludes us.
Re-Imagining Reality
Artist Makoto Fujimura launched the International Arts Movement to 're-humanize the world.'
Crackup of Anglican Communion at Hand, Evangelical Bishops Say
Gloomy assessment comes from two leading Anglicans at Lambeth.
Resolved to Discipline
Southern Baptists repent of inflated membership numbers.
Unapologetic Apologist
Jay Smith confronts Muslim fundamentalists with fundamentalist fervor.
A Eucharistic Presence
How South African churches are acting like Jesus.
Siege from Within: Day and Night in Johannesburg
South Africa is not an easy place to minister, despite the apparent normalcy.
A Refugee's Quiet Dignity
A Zimbabwean pastor waits warily after South Africa's riots.
Rebooting PEACE
Rick Warren adds reconciliation to an already ambitious mission strategy.
American Bible Society Seeks Revelations
Organization distances itself from a consultant with porn ties—and the president who hired him.
In Ukraine's Capital, Mayoral Campaigns Offer Hugs and Sermons
Looking for votes among Kyiv's skeptical evangelicals.
Myanmar Aid Crisis Triggers More Deaths, Disease
Groups still unable to deliver food, medicine. Death toll may top 128,000.
Methodist Restructuring May Empower Non-U.S. Churches — Or Silence Them
With 3 of 10 delegates from abroad, general conference will consider creating an Americans-only body.
Forty Days for Rwanda
Rick Warren, Kagame open Purpose Driven campaign.
Egypt's Identity Impasse
Former Muslims seek to change their government-issued cards as outreach gains ground.
A Kinder, Gentler Shari'ah?
Muslim states continue pressuring Christians.
Post-Mayhem Woes
Tribal rivalries — including Christian-on-Christian violence — hamper healing.
Jesus in Turkey
After 550 years of decline, a bloodied church is being reborn.

Top Story July 18, 2024

Evangelicals Agree That Biden Should Drop Out
Evangelicals Agree That Biden Should Drop Out
Poll: Black Protestants are among the only groups who remain confident in the president’s mental capacities.

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