What Believers Can and Can’t Affirm in Those Who Affirm Same-Sex Marriage
Rebecca McLaughlin takes care to filter their legitimate claims from their flawed assumptions.
The Church Fathers Belong in Creation Debates. But Handle Them with Care.
We can humbly seek their wisdom without treating them as mascots for one position or another.
Pascal Is More Than His Most Famous Argument
The wager only scratches the surface of his relevance to a post-Christian era.
Can You Serve Christ and Confucius?
Asian Christians must navigate ethical dilemmas in everyday life. This recent book can help.
Christians Shouldn’t Run from a ‘Negative World.’ But They Can Depend on It Less.
Aaron Renn outlines individual, institutional, and missional strategies for adapting to a hostile culture.
Marilynne Robinson Reads Genesis Without Anxiety
Unperturbed by debates over the book’s relationship to modern thought, she helps us appreciate its marriage of literary structure and theological claims.
Duke Ellington Read His Bible in the Bath
An excerpt from Larry Tye’s The Jazzmen: How Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Count Basie Transformed America.
Billy Graham Preached at His Crusades. His Singers Believed They Were Preaching Too.
A late historian explores how crusade hymns told both the classic story of gospel salvation and the evolving story of evangelical worship music.
Care for the Environment Is Biblical. It’s Also a Witness to Environmentalists.
Do activists often invest their work with religious significance? All the more reason for Christians to be discerning co-laborers.
Criticizing Critical Race Theory—and Its Critics
A new book seems oddly outraged that CRT skeptics take its arguments seriously.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Lindsay A. Franklin, freelance editor and author of The Weaver trilogy.
5 Underrated Books on Spiritual Formation
Chosen by Alex Sosler, author of A Short Guide to Spiritual Formation: Finding Life in Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Community.
The Struggle to Hold It Together When a Church Falls Apart
How do we carry on when there’s more confusion and hurt than clarity and healing?
You Can’t Reach People for Christ While Holding Their Culture at Arm’s Length
A veteran missiologist shares a lifetime of lessons on bringing the gospel into unfamiliar settings.
Biblical Literacy in a Postliterate Age
We must always be people of the Word, but we’ll have to reimagine deep engagement with Scripture.
Finding an Uncontainable God Within Finite Poetic Spaces
Eastern Orthodox poet Scott Cairns reflects on his new collection, his journey of faith, and poetry’s capacity to apprehend inexhaustible realities.
What We Can Offer If We Uncircle the Wagons
Two new memoirs, Troubled and Between Two Trailers, make a powerful—if unintentional—case for the Christian ethos of family and community.
Our Faith Is Not Too Fragile for Science
An excerpt from The Sacred Chain: How Understanding Evolution Leads to Deeper Faith.
The Church Loses When Our Arts Communities Die
Christian writers and artists need communities of like-minded creatives so we can best serve both the church and the world.
The Bible’s Development Is a Messy Story, but It Can Bolster Our Faith
If anything, the historical details are even messier than Susan Lim’s new account allows.

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CT Design, Redesign, and Re-redesign, from 1956 to Today
CT Design, Redesign, and Re-redesign, from 1956 to Today
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