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Special Issue: The Life and Legacy of Tim Keller
The Life and Legacy of Tim Keller
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About This Issue
The week pastor Tim Keller passed away, Russell Moore, our editor in chief, wrote that Keller was “the most significant American evangelical apologist” since Billy Graham. In this special commemorative issue honoring Keller’s life and ministry, we take a look at his presence as a pastor of record in the cultural epicenter of New York City (and his rapport with the artists who inhabited the city), how he transformed the art of preaching, and the ways in which he glorified Christ not only in his life, but in his passing.
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The 6 Hymns Tim Keller Picked for His Memorial Service
The late pastor taught us how to live—and die.
After Keller’s Death, Redeemer Members Carry on His Small Church Vision
The New York pastor never wanted to build a megachurch.
Tim Keller: The Pastor of Record
Tim Keller didn’t court the approval of ‘secular elites,’ but he did serve as a parson in their neighborhood.
‘Everything Bad Is Going to Come Untrue’
Tim Keller: We often seek short-term satisfaction. But what Jesus offers is far better.
Redeemer Church: My Haven After 9/11
A singer-songwriter reflects on Tim Keller’s New York City ministry amidst tragedy.
Makoto Fujimura: Tim Keller’s Message to ‘Love the City’ Motivated Me as an Artist
How I found renewal through the late pastor’s ministry.
J.D. Greear: Tim Keller’s Friendship Transformed My Preaching
Three lessons the late pastor-theologian taught me about the art of sermons.
Never Read Tim Keller? Here’s Where to Begin.
Eight books that capture different dimensions of his life and ministry.