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Special Issue: The Wondrous Cross
The Wondrous Cross
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About This Issue
The songs of the Cross give form and voice to the resounding response of our souls. As we sing them, consider them, and pray them, these songs help us enter into the meaning of Christ's sacrifice. They express the Good News that reverberates even in the darkest moments of Jesus' passion—and in the darkest moments of our own lives. Each article in this devotional resource draws upon a piece of music to reflect on Jesus' death and resurrection—to wrestle with difficult questions, to meditate upon key moments in Christ's passion, to delve into the mystery of salvation, and to celebrate Jesus' victory over sin and death.
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May We Be Shaped by the Songs of the Cross
Devotional readings for Lent from Christianity Today.
When We Survey the Wondrous Cross
Lent invites us to gain perspective by facing our mortality.
’Tis Mystery All! The Immortal Dies!
How can we even begin to understand this astonishing, amazing love?
The Stunning Humility of God
Jesus’ gruesome death didn’t happen randomly or accidentally. He knew very well what was coming his way.
Why We Sing Such a Bloody Song
The power of “There Is a Fountain” is its insistence that Jesus' death was real, was messy, and made all the difference.
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
There are no easy answers to the spiritual’s convicting questions.
Jesus Is the God of Ground Zero
In grief, he is our consolation.
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today!
Reflections on Wesley’s great hymn of suffering and salvation.
Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold Our Bodies Down
What does the Resurrection tell us about God’s plans for us?
Holy Week Playlist: Songs to Survey the Wondrous Cross
Christian leaders and musicians share their favorite Easter music.