Style: Adult contemporary; compare to Philips Craig and Dean, Sandi Patty, Point of Grace

Top Tracks: "America the Beautiful," "God of Our Fathers," "God Is in Control"

Compiling many of her old hits with a couple new recordings, the latest from Paris is a faux-patriotic pander to Christian conservative Americans in an election year. It's essentially just a Twila Paris playlist on shuffle. Most of the songs aren't about America at all, yet the album cover brandishes an American flag and the liner notes tell us she voted for Ronald Reagan. The album presents itself as pro-American, but when Paris admits, "singing our national hymn in church has caused my heart to ache with grief rather than swell with pride," it's hard to tell if one should be inspired or disturbed by her straightforward rendition of "America the Beautiful."

God Shed His Grace
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
February 28, 2012
Ent. One Music
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