Style: Slick, worship-inspired pop/rock; compare to Leeland, Mutemath, Phil Wickham

Top Tracks: "Realign," "Upside Down"

The debut full-length from this fivesome has all the hallmarks of similar bands writing worshipful epics in the pop/rock format. There are the alternately atmospheric and strummy verses leading up to bombastic, fist-pumping choruses; the God-centered lyrics that ooze passion and seek to inspire (as on "Wake Me Up" and "Hearts Like Fire"); the slick, radio-ready production. Samestate has a slight emo/alternative edge here and there, like the "Na na na" shouts on "Sons and Daughters," but this album has few melodic moments that surprise. Still, in the litany of CCM bands jumping from a U2/Coldplay-inspired base, Samestate has enough hooks and ardor to make a name for itself.

The Alignment
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
February 28, 2012
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