Style: Celtic rock/progressive; compare to Clannad, Moya Brennan, Jeff Johnson

Top tracks: "The Ancient Wells," "Speak to Me," "White Horse"

Nearly two decades since Iona's inception, Another Realm may be the UK outfit's grandest statement yet. This double disc's generous content (15 tracks, 95-plus minutes), however, doesn't overshadow the artistry and execution undergirding every tune. Plus vocalist Joanne Hogg and guitarist Dave Bainbridge lead Iona back to its biblically influenced roots and penchant for majestic worship after previous releases that were less spiritually direct. Whether it's Hogg's relentless, breathy plea "Holy Spirit come" ("Let Your Glory Fall") or the 11-minute slab of progressive poetry by way of the Book of Revelation ("White Horse"), there's never a doubt from where Iona receives its inspiration.

Another Realm
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
August 2, 2011
Open Sky UK
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