Style: Emo-indie; compare to Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie, Mae

Top tracks: "Sixteen," "Summer Forgets Me," "The Right Mistakes"

Deas Vail is largely a case of style over substance. Aesthetically, the band looks and sounds like a stadium-filler. But after a few repeat listens, the initial appeal wanes greater. Most of the songs are enjoyably warm and vanilla, but nothing new will be found here. Even their lyrics leave something to be desired: "I am alone in a stranger's bad dream / I don't know what any of this means / I see the signals, I feel the world bending / In any moment, it's breaking around me." With no clear lyrical indicators of their Christian faith, this new and ambiguous Deas Vail sounds pretty, but also toothless.

Deas Vail
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
October 11, 2011
Gotee Records
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