Style: Country/blues-fueled rock; compare to Allman Brothers, Marc Broussard, Jim Dickinson

Top tracks: "The Meeting," "How I Wish My Train Would Come," "Hear the Hills"

Keys to the Kingdom is the first North Mississippi Allstars record since the band's founders, brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson, lost their father, Memphis music legend Jim Dickinson. So you'd forgive them for being a little morose—but in fact, they're anything but. Rather than a somber reflection on death, this is a thoroughly spirited, cathartic celebration of life, and a faithful send-off of their father to the heavenly kingdom. Their country/blues-fueled Mississippi rock and roll has never sounded tighter or livelier; a goofy Dylan cover is dedicated to Jim's musical mastery, but the best thing here is a gospel anthem called "The Meeting," with guest vocals from none other than Mavis Staples.

North Mississippi Allstars
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Release Date
February 1, 2011
Songs Of The South
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