Style: Alt-rock; compare to Third Day, Needtobreathe, The Fray

Top tracks: "Radioactive," "Back Down South," "The End"

Nashville-based Kings of Leon light a fuse on their fifth release, then run for cover. "The End" builds slowly with slithering guitars and a pounding bass; "Radioactive" explodes with a newfound grit and grime—it's about our past shaping us before "the roll is called up yonder." "Pony Up" is a true alt-rock jam-session. As kids, the three brothers in the band (the fourth member is their cousin) toured with their father, a Pentecostal minister. There are occasional spiritual sentiments (portions of "The End" could be about divine love), but most songs are about girls and Southern life. Note that "Mi Amigo" has one lewd reference and "No Money" drops one f-bomb.

Come Around Sundown
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
October 1, 2010
Sony Legacy
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