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British Columbia allows same-sex marriages:

National Day of Prayer:

Church and state:

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Life ethics:

Birth control:

Sexual ethics:


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Missions and ministries:

  • Missionaries bring aid, controversy to Kashmir | The influx of Christian evangelists complicates an already volatile religious equation, critics say (The Christian Science Monitor)

  • Faith & works | Christians aid Muslims outside the glare of Western journalists bent on uncovering a new crusade. In Jordan, Red Crescent officials clearly don't want Christians credited for helping those displaced by the war in Iraq. That's just fine by the relief workers. The idea is for someone else to get the credit, anyway (World)

  • Enduring mercy at The Med | Thirty years ago, 11 Presbyterian women set out to follow Jesus on a Great Commission (David Waters, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis)

  • Benny Hinn encourages Christian tourism to Israel | "Anyone who doesn't support Israel is not a true Christian," says faith healer (The Jerusalem Post)

Money and business:


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Church life:

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Politics and law:

  • Texas conservatives find room on issues | For the first time in 130 years, Republicans are in control of the Texas House and conservatives are finding fertile ground for social issues like restrictions on abortion and bans on same-sex unions (Associated Press)

  • Coming out of the conservative closet | Coming out as Christian or conservative is terrifying, as is, I'm certain, coming out as gay (Elizabeth Nickson, National Post, Canada)

  • Hare Krishna airport solicitors win judge's support | Court issues preliminary injunction to halt enforcement of Los Angeles ordinance allowing airport staff to limit movements of Krishnas seeking donations (Associated Press)


Prayer and spirituality:

Interfaith relations and other religions:


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  • Pope's childhood friend recalls his youth | An 81-year-old actress who grew up with Pope John Paul II has published a book of memoirs, recalling performing alongside the future pontiff in clandestine theaters in Nazi-occupied Poland (Associated Press)

  • United Church of Christ book says Jesus was gay | Author Theodore W. Jennings is ordained minister in The United Methodist Church and professor of biblical and constructive theology at United Church of Christ-related Chicago Theological Seminary (Press release)

  • A hundred years of Muggery | The life and times of Malcolm Muggeridge (Christopher Hitchens, The Weekly Standard)




  • Art interprets duality of Jesus, Mary | Debates over human and divine natures have played out in Western art for centuries, as a Getty exhibition illustrates (Los Angeles Times)

  • Bishop and mayor to fight in court for Madonna painting | It is said to be the only religious representation of a pregnant Virgin Mary in existence and is the pride and chief tourist attraction of Monterchi, where it was created in 1460 (The Daily Telegraph, London)

  • Not a prayer | Anitra Blayton helps raise awareness for a troubled church but forgets about art (Ft. Worth Weekly)

  • Arts show: Dylan Mortimer's "Museum of Faith Analysis" | Complete with its own logo (a pair of praying hands as seen through a targeting scope), laminated signage, X-ray photographs, colorful diagrams and computer terminals, the "Museum" proclaims its mission is "to make faith as easy as 1-2-3!" (Kansas City Star)

Other stories of interest:

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  • Virgin Mary 'weeps' once more | Was the center of world attention last year when it appeared to be "weeping" rose-scented tears (Herald Sun, Australia)

  • Also: Perth statue weeps again (The Age, Melbourne, Australia)

  • Religion news in brief | Easter in Moscow, Jesus Hawaii Project defended, religions debate Kenya's constitution, and other stories (Associated Press)

  • Christians, Jews, and blasphemers | Culture has led otherwise moral-minded people into believing that "Jesus Christ!" is an acceptable swear word (Alex A. Garcia, Chicago Tribune)

  • Trial by fear | Chaotic world events have spurred an increased interest in prophecy, but critics say such teachings, when proved wrong, harm credibility (Ft. Worth [Tex.] Star-Telegram)

  • St Chad in new patron saint battle | St Chad, the first Bishop of Lichfield, has been put forward as a replacement for St George as the new patron saint of England (Express & Star, Lichfield, England)

  • Templeton's turn | An award that tries to reconcile science and religion (John J. Miller, The Wall Street Journal)

  • Borderline slavery: child trafficking in West Africa | A Q&A with human rights expert Jonathan Cohen (The Christian Science Monitor)

  • Privacy vs. whose morals? | Are we repulsed in extreme areas because we confront objective truth, or is it a matter of social conditioning? (Cal Thomas)

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