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October 23 2000, 2000
Volume 44, Number 12
October 23
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Cover Story

Undying Worm, Unquenchable Fire
What is hell—eternal torment or annihilation? A look at the Evangelical Alliance's The Nature of Hell.
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Gwen Shamblin in the Balance
Thomas Nelson cancels book contract with Weigh Down author over her controversial comments rejecting the Trinity.
SBC Funding Imperiled
Texas Baptists resolved reduce monies for SBC seminaries and programs.
NCC Seeks End to Cuba Embargo
Grunge Boomers in Concert
Teens and parents fast and pray together for massive youth revolution.
School Vouchers Face Tight Races
Recent surveys show much opposition to voucher initiatives in California and Michigan.
Biotech: Tissue of Lies?
Latest stem-cell research shows no urgent need to destroy human embryos for the cause of science.
Fire and Ice
Charismatic renewal in the Arctic has converted half of some villages. It's also ignited criticism from established churches.
Vatican: Protestants Not 'Sister Churches'
Vatican official proclaims Protestant churches not sister churches to the Roman Catholic faith.
Smack Down
53 Christian professors, students, and church-planters detained.
Colombia: Abducted Pastor Pays His Own Ransom on Installment Plan
Ransom arrangement a tough decision for churches and missions.
Nigeria: Will Shari'a Law Curb Christianity?
Gombe, a north Nigerian state, creates a council of faiths to deal with fears over Islamic law.
North Korea: 7 Christian Executions Suspected
North Korea reportedly executed Christians as young as 15 in April.
Ecuador: Word and Spirit Together
For the first time, Pentecostal leaders are invited to a key Latino Protestant Congress.
Honest Ecumenism
The Vatican's recent statement on the nature of the church is a step forward, not backward, for Christian unity.
Scouts in a Jam?
The courts protect rights. The media-savvy win hearts and minds.
Rightly Dividing the Hell Debate
Key advocates and writings.
Coming to Terms
Five key phrases in the hell debate.
Free to Be Creatures Again
How predestination descended like a dove on two unsuspecting seminarians, and why they are so grateful.
Beyond Self-Help Chatter
Each biblical passage is a pixel in a greater picture—a truth preachers forget at the peril of their listeners' souls.
Big-Picture Faith
From the first nanosecond to the final cry of victory, and every divine moment between—all is charged with meaning.
Love Your Heavenly Enemy
How are we going to live eternally with those we can't stand now?
The Transcendental Gore
The Democratic nominee for president combines a modernist Christian faith with a drive to master his world. By Tony Carnes
More Than a Badge and a Gun
Police chaplain Steve Lee lays down the law, and lifts up grace, for an unreached people group—cops.
Lessons From Two Sides of AIDS
An HIV-positive woman and a wealthy businessman are reminded of God's expansive love at a unique camp.
Good News for Witches
Every Halloween, thousands of Wiccans descend on Salem, Massachusetts—and local churches reach out.
The Fallacy of Missile Defense
Christians should reject nuclear proliferation, especially when it's proposed of just war.
The Perils of Harry Potter
Literary device or not, witchcraft is real—and dangerous.
In the Word: The Grim Shepherd
He visits every living thing, but those with understanding need not be afraid
Your World: Unrighteous Indignation
Righteous anger is often a mask for mere self-righteousness.
Quotations to Contemplate
Quotations to contemplate on dying and eternity.
Is the Stock Market Good Stewardship?
I see more of our Christian brothers investing in the market. Is this a healthy trend?—Edward Tsui, Toronto
Camus the Christian?
A pastor describes how the great existentialist atheist asked him late in life, Do you perform baptisms?
Machiavelli Marooned
The church offers something that transcends the reality of television.
Pay It Forward
'Pay It Forward' does not invoke Jesus' teaching, but the spirit of selflessness is unmistakable.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Getting a Life
The most fully alive persons are those who give their lives away.