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December 12 1986, 1986
Volume 30, Number 18
December 12
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Cover Story

A Most Misunderstood Woman
What Is the Proper Balance of Reserve and Respect for Mary?
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Yes to Shame and Glory
Mary Is a Model of Openness to the Power of God
The Democrats Won, but Who Lost?
Voters reject many candidates’ appeals to religious faith.
The Teenage Pregnancy Epidemic: Is a Cure in Sight?
Educators, celebrities, and religious leaders join forces to encourage youth to avoid sexual activity.
Taking Health Care to the Disadvantaged Majority
In most developing nations, a small urban elite enjoys a sophisticated array of health services while some 80 percent of the population live and die beyond the reach of formal medical care. Henry Mosley, director of the Institute for International Programs at Johns Hopkins University, says Christian missions should lead the way in taking health care and the compassion of Christ to the disadvantaged majority in the Third World.