March 2014

Why Ending the R-Word Isn't EnoughSpread the attitude to change the attitude
Why Ending the R-Word Isn't Enough

A few weeks ago, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on The Tonight Show. His five-minute comedy set included a joke comparing inept postal workers to the "mentally handicapped." (See Mark Leach's gracious post about this incident for more information and analysis of it.) ...

Weekly Roundup 3.7.14genetically-modified babies, prenatal testing, the presence of God, and more...
Weekly Roundup 3.7.14

I've been in bed with what has turned out to be a sinus infection for most of this week, which leads to a somewhat fuzzy brain and lots of time for skimming articles. So here are a few you might enjoy:


"We cannot attain the presence of God because we're ...

Lenten Reflections: Repent and Get on with itWhat my children's cheating taught me about sin and the kingdom of God
Lenten Reflections: Repent and Get on with it

A few weeks back, I was stuck inside with all three kids on yet another snow day. All of them wanted to be entertained. None of them wanted to play the same game. In an attempt to avoid a battle and to push off yet another hour of screen time, I agreed to play three games ...

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