June 2014

When Summer Vacation is HardDon't worry. Don't beat yourself up. The idyllic memories will come... eventually.
When Summer Vacation is Hard
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My memories of summer are filled with bliss. Laughing with my sisters on the raft in the middle of the cove near my grandparent's beach house. Playing card games with three generations around a painted white table past my bedtime. Watching storm clouds roll in, low and ...

Sabbath is Not a Means to More Productive WorkIt's time to stop optimizing the Lord's Day. A guest post by David Zahl.
Sabbath is Not a Means to More Productive Work
Image: Alex Gregory/New Yorker

In our final post of four related to understanding, celebrating, and receiving the gift of the Sabbath, David Zahl reflects on our tendency to want to work, even as we rest:

A few months ago, The New York Times ran a remarkably astute editorial about the state of American ...

The Delicious Invitation to Rest"It's not anxiety we find in the piles of the undone..." A guest post by Jen Pollock Michel
The Delicious Invitation to Rest
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I confess that I am more of a Sabbath-breaker more than a Sabbath-keeper, although it was ten years ago now that I began to rally some frail faith for practicing the habit of weekly rest. Ten years ago, I was the mother of three very small children: a preschooler, a toddler, ...

The Jewish Roots of Christian SabbathIn a guest post, Michelle Van Loon begins to unwrap the gift of Shabbot
The Jewish Roots of Christian Sabbath
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Where I come from, Shabbat begins at dusk on Friday nights, and ends when the first three stars become visible on Saturday evening. The twenty-five or so hours from Friday evening through Saturday evening are meant to be a time of restorative rest and reconnection with God, ...

Who is the Sabbath for? Some thoughts on the differences in the Biblical accounts of the Sabbath commandment, and on why that matters to us now.
Who is the Sabbath for?
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I've been thinking about the Sabbath—this weekly day of rest, or is it a day of worship?—for years now. It first piqued my interest in college, when a Christian friend of mine decided to stop doing homework on Sundays. I was intrigued—he looked so happy ...

The Benefits of RoughhousingWeekly Roundup 6.19.14: Five articles that caught my attention this week.
The Benefits of Roughhousing
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Excerpts from a few articles that caught my attention this week:


Shun the Atheist Boyfriend - Emma Green, The Atlantic

A poll reveals that parents of all political persuasions are very squeamish about the prospect of a godless daughter- or son-in-law. In general, ...
The Serious Pleasure of Summer ReadingTen books—for kids and adults—to challenge and entertain you this summer.
The Serious Pleasure of Summer Reading
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School has finally finished for my kids, and the temperatures are finally reaching the 80s. Summer has arrived, which means I've gotten emails recently from the town library, the school library, from teachers and other parents, all related to summer reading. Our eight-year ...

The Surprising Gift of WorkHow Costco gave my brother the dignity we all need--A guest post by Chris Horst.
The Surprising Gift of Work

Jokes are my brother's love language. If you know a good joke, or even an average joke, telling it to my brother Matthew is probably the best decision you could ever make. Even if you fumble the delivery, as I'm wont to do, Matthew won't hold it against you. His ...

When Jesus Shows Up at the Jazz ClubAn interview with Karen Halvorsen Schreck about her new novel, Sing For Me.
When Jesus Shows Up at the Jazz Club
Image: Neil Moralee/Flickr

If you're looking for an excellent novel to read this summer, pick up Sing For Me, by Karen Halvorsen Schreck. Karen weaves together a compelling story about race, class, music, faith, and the immigrant experience in Chicago in the 1930s. The main character, Rose, and her ...

Why We Call God FatherWeekly Roundup 6.12.14
Why We Call God Father
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Father's Day is on its way, and with it comes a reminder of the significance of fathers. In reading the first article posted here in the Weekly Roundup I wondered again about the reason God calls himself Father over and over again in the Bible. It may well be a hallmark ...

Should Christians Support Reparations for African Americans?Some thought on collective sin, responsibility, and healing.
Should Christians Support Reparations for African Americans?
Image: Matthew K/flickr

As Ta-Nehisi Coates documented recently in his long and compelling cover story for The Atlantic, "The Case for Reparations," the government of the United States for centuries has perpetuated systemic injustice against African Americans. These formal legal practices ...

How My Son with Autism Transformed my BusinessA guest post by Randy Lewis about Walgreen's new initiative to employ people with disabilities
How My Son with Autism Transformed my Business

I picked up No Greatness Without Goodness, by Randy Lewis, because I was intrigued that a senior VP at Walgreen's had successfully created hundreds of jobs for individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities. I was even more intrigued to find out those jobs ...

Kids--Naked and UnashamedFor years, I’ve erred on the side of modesty. Maybe we need a little nudity after all.
Kids--Naked and Unashamed
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I've heard Christians say that if we still lived in the Garden of Eden, we would all be walking around naked. The story in Genesis 2 seems to support this idea. It was only after God confronted Adam and Eve about their tragic and rebellious decision to eat the fruit that ...

Sex, Male Feminists, Jobs, and a Good OrphanageWeekly Roundup 6.5.14
Sex, Male Feminists, Jobs, and a Good Orphanage
Image: jonathan macintosh/flickr


"A culture that too tightly binds sex and self-respect is likely, in the long run, to end up with less and less of both." --Ross Douthat examines the issues behind the Santa Barbara killings, our sexual culture, and feminism in Prisoners of Sex (New York ...

Why Christians Should Read Secular NovelsAmong other things, great books help us love our neighbor
Why Christians Should Read Secular Novels
Image: Vainsang/Flickr

A lesbian wedding, childhood sexual abuse, alcoholism, violence, pornography, and murder all show up within the pages of Wally Lamb's most recent novel We Are Water. So does love, loyalty, healing, beauty, and a confused evangelical Christian. In many ways, it was a hard ...

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