There will be no physical SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) this year, which means no book booths, which means … we professors all grieve over not seeing the new offerings and bump into friends and foes in the pathways in the exhibit hall.

So, I wrote to some publishers and asked them to give me a short list of their new offerings.

Each day this week I will feature one publisher.

Today’s is Fortress, one of SBL’s most influential publishers during my career. I will avoid making comments on each and encourage you to look over the list – as you would scan the new books at SBL – and go to the link for the ones that interest you the most.

Katherine Sonderegger, Systematic Theology, volume 2.

James H. Harris, Black Suffering: Silent Pain, Hidden Hope.

James C. Vanderkam, Jubilees: The Hermeneia Translation

Jerry L. Sumney, The Politics of Faith: The Bible, Government, and Public Policy

Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner, Women with 2020 Vision: American Theologians on the Voice, Vote, and Vision of Women

In the spring Fortress will publish the 50th anniversary edition of C.T. Vivian’s Black Power and AmericanMyth (Vivan received the Presidential medal of honor from Obama); Jürgen Moltmann’s Resurrected to Eternal Life, and Curtis Freeman’s Pilgrim Letters